Sawadika! welcome to COCO THAI , where Chef Treerawong Pratumwan just arrived from the Bangkok Hotel and his siam team will excite your taste bud's with ecstatic flavours from natural ingredients in the authentic way of Thai cuisine. There are many surprises waiting for you at COCO THAI. The Grilled Beef Salad is substituted for the much leaner and low calestral, Canadian venison grilled rare, Oysters with chilli, lemon grass dressing are flown in this week from Ireland (Irish rock) last week from Australia (smoky bay). The duck in the red curry with Basil is Barberry from south west France . The chickens are free range and seafood arrives from all over on a daily basis.

Set menus are available for dinner at $260 per head. Lunch menus are available for $130 per head. Party menus start from $260 per head. Thai open fire BBQ is available from Tuesday to Friday and your special parties from 6:30 pm. Lunch takeaways start from $130 for a salad and main course $150 including soft drink or beer. Delicious Birthday cakes are prepared by COCOCABANA and are $250 per/lb.


The music at COCO THAI was hand picked by Anna Thomson a well known figure and music lover from the arts scene in Thailand ranging from folk, classical, jazz to ethnic modern, consisting of music from King Bhumibol himself. The music is then mixed with other beach favovites from Brasil, France and others consisting of around thirty percent. COCO THAI is Alfresco dining under coulorful Thai handmade umbrellas during the day and under the stars on a moonlit night to the sound of the waves four to six meters over the sand in front of COCO THAI. Decoration is mimimalistic natural colours and textures which are common in rustic Thailand . Relex in teak furniture and eat from handmade crockery especially made to reflect the naturalness of our Thai cuisine.

The Details

COCO THAI is open 7 days a week. Lunch starts at 12 noon, we are opening through the day till midnight on Friday and Saturday, the kitchen opens till 2 am. Reservations are best on Friday and Saturday night. For telephone reservations and party bookings you can call at 28121826 or email two days in advance to cocobay@biznetvigator.com .

Our manager's name is Lilly Patawa. COCO THAI as a refreshing menu of Thai drinks including Thai beers and Draugft and European, new world wines. Smoking is permitted in our open air areas. Major (popular) credit cards are excepted as is cash money.